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Coronavirus test: Dr Hilary says the LAMP test could be 'a game-changer' – what is it?

Appearing on Good Morning Britain on Friday May 22, Dr announced the new be a “game-changer”.

He continued: “We think it’s going to be very accurate. It will tell people whether they haven’t got the virus and can carry on working and seeing patients.

“And whether they have, in which case they’ll need to self-iosolate, but they’ll be able to tell those people very quickly – it’s going to be a really important trial.”

Unlike the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests, which need to be processed at different temperatures, the test doesn’t require a change in temperature to detect results.

This means there’s no need for a thermal cycler – and the LAMP test results can be processed on site instead of being sent to a laboratory.

Following a successful clinical trial, should the LAMP test prove effective during this pilot it will be rolled out nationally.

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