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Coronavirus update: Why men are more susceptible to a severe COVID-19 infection

Coronavirus deaths around the world have now reached a staggering figure of 822,000. A huge 15.6 million have made a full recovery, however a large percentage of the deaths from COVID-19 are men. Scientists have discovered why men are more prevalent to severe infections and possibly even death as opposed to women.

Globally, men account for around 60 percent of deaths due to COVID-19 with individual countries reporting similar outcomes.

In the UK, researchers studying 17 million adults found that men could possibly face nearly twice the risk of death from COVID-19 than their female counterparts.

Data out of China also showed that at least two-thirds of patients who died were male.


In a study published in the Frontiers in Public Health, gender differences in patients with COVID-19 relating to severity and mortality was investigated.

The study noted: “We extracted the data from a case series of 43 hospitalized patients we treated, a public data set of the first 37 cases of patients who died of COVID-19 and 1,019 patients who survived in China, and data of 524 patients with SARS, including 139 deaths, from Beijing in early 2003.

“In the case series men’s cases tended to be more serious than women’s”

The study concluded that while men and women have the same prevalence, men with COVID-19 are more at risk for worse outcomes and death, independent of age. 

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