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Corrie fans notice Todd's weird habit as he hides from violent gangsters

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Coronation Street fans have noticed Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) seems to have picked up a strange habit that could have a seriously negative effect on his safety.

He is currently hiding from his gangster ex Mick Costello as well as a number of other people, and is holed up at his mum’s house.

But Corrie viewers reckon it won’t be long until he’s caught as his hiding habit leaves a lot to be desired.

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The character is often seen peering down the stairs or hiding behind the bannister just out of view of the people that are looking for him.

Todd keeps being seen on the stairs when people are around

And viewers have pointed out that, despite being on the run, Todd isn’t that good at hiding.

One tweeted: “How don’t they see Todd stood halfway down the stairs when he keeps appearing before they’ve even shut the door? Anyone would think he wants to get caught.

“He must do his 10,000 steps a day no bother, constantly up and down those bloody stairs!”

Viewers can't work out how Todd hasn't been spotted yet
Viewers can’t work out how Todd hasn’t been spotted yet

Another said: “Todd is always halfway down the stairs before people have left the house.”

While a third said: “He came down the stairs too quickly, all Gary had to do was turn around and he’d have seen him.”

And someone else joked: “Does Todd have an invisible string attaching him to the door, so every time it closes he gets pulled down the stairs?”

In Friday’s bumper hour-long episode, crook Gary Windass (Mikey North) took a beating after he refused to reveal to thugs where Todd was.

Gary went on to hobble over to Eileen (Sue Cleaver) and demanded to know where her dodgy son was – but she insisted she had no idea.

Eileen is still trying to convince people she doesn’t know where Todd is, but more and more people have come to learn he’s back on the scene.

With Gary taking a beating for him, it looks like Todd has one more people after him now.

Let’s hope he gets a little better at hiding in next week’s episodes.

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Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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