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Countryfile weather: Flood warning across UK likely as Storm Dennis clears

Countryfile viewers have no doubt been plagued by Storm Dennis over the past few days, and this evening they tuned in to the Countryfile weather report to determine whether things will be looking a little brighter next week. Unfortunately they may not have got the good news they were hoping for.

Unfortunately for viewers, things don’t look good for the UK over the next five days.

While Storm Dennis has brought the country’s transport services to a halt, it has also introduced much flooding.

It looks like this is going to continue, as Countryfile’s weather reporter Chris Fawkes began by explaining Storm Ciara last week “saturated the ground”.

Storm Dennis, then, “brought torrential rain to the country”, causing mass floods.

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The first half of the week will bring some calmer sunshine spells, before the rain begins in earnest once again.

Chris went on to add Tuesday will see “sunshine and showers, with the showers being pretty much nationwide”.

As the stormy spells go on to clear up a little, they come back with a vengeance towards the end of the week.

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Chris continued: “Thursday sees a narrower band of rain incoming, with some thunderstorms.”

Going into Friday, Chris went on: “We finish the week on a windy note.

“We could see gales, and severe gales across the north west.

“Given that the ground remains saturated this extra rain could give us a further spell of localised flooding as well.”

He later added: “Even as Storm Dennis clears off we are likely to see further flooding concerns over the next few days.”

Thankfully, however, Friday will eventually begin to see the weather turn.

Chris concluded: “But with south-westerly winds, it will be turning milder through the day; reaching about 12 [degrees] on the south east.”

Fans weren’t too happy about this bad news, and some began hitting out on Twitter on the upcoming rain.

One wrote: “Just watched this week’s weather forecast on #Countryfile deep joy, rain rain and… more rain. Oh, and wind.” (sic)

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