Home Gaming Crash Pads vs Peppers: What to carry?

Crash Pads vs Peppers: What to carry?

Crash Pads vs Peppers: What to carry?

Both have their own unique set of strengths, but which mobility item deserves a spot in your Fortnite Season 3 inventory?

After a month-long break from competitive Fortnite, in-game tournaments and Cash Cups are about to start back up. With much of the focus being on Solo gameplay this season, players are looking to adapt to the new meta and get ahead of the opposition.

One of the biggest changes in Fortnite Season 3, is the increased availability of movement options. Where we previously had just boats and Launch Pads, we now have whirlpools, sharks, Crash Pads, Peppers, and soon… cars.

In Solo competitions, most people will opt to hold two weapons, two heals and one form of utility. A big question this season is whether to pick up Peppers or Crash Pads.

Crash Pads are useful for a number of reasons. Not only can you use them to quickly rotate in the later stages of the game, but they will allow you to exploit into an enemy’s box for a free kill.

One issue is that, as with Launch Pads, you are momentarily exposed in mid-air. After hitting a Crash Pad, you fly very predictably, making you an easy target for anyone looking.

If you decide to use Peppers, you will need to plan your drop around them. Land somewhere with a bunch of the consumables boxes around so that you find as many as possible.

Peppers can be extremely useful throughout the match. They can speed up your early game looting drastically, as well as making mid-game and late-game rotations a walk in the park.

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Whilst you can’t exploit into someone’s box like you can with a Crash Pad, they are still handy in fights. If you hit an opponent from far away, you can catch them by surprise as they try to heal up. Popping a Pepper before a box fight or build fight will completely throw off your enemy’s timings and make you way harder to track.

Both items are definitely powerful, and are great for rotating and taking height end-game. For pros like NRG Clix and RBK Arab though, Peppers are the go-to. You can carry so many and their effects last for an insane 60 seconds, making them too strong to ignore.

So, if you land somewhere with plenty of potential Peppers or you don’t mind changing your drop, these consumables are probably the way to go. However, if this is not the case, Crash Pads can still be an awesome alternative.

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