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'Criticising is easy!' Labour backlash as Ridge savages Starmer for NOT offering solutions

'Criticising is easy!' Labour backlash as Ridge savages Starmer for NOT offering solutions 1

Sophy Ridge took issue with Labour’s relentless criticism of Boris Johnson and the Government’s response to the pandemic, in an interview with Labour MP Dr Rosena Allin-Khan. The Sky News host pointed out that “calling out the Government is the easy bit,” after detailing Labour leader Keir Starmer’s latest criticism of the Government. She went on to say that finding solutions to the problems was the hard bit, before condemning Labour for having “no answers”.

This comes as the Labour leader is calling for an “exit strategy” in lifting the lockdown measures. 

Sir Keir has stepped up pressure on the Government this morning, claiming they were not treating people in the UK as adults.

He added that the UK is in danger of falling behind other countries, as well devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales, which were already engaged in “adult” conversations with their citizens as to how the restrictions could be eased.

Ridge told Dr Rosena Allin-Khan: “Calling for something to be published is the easy bit. The hard bit is those very difficult, finely balanced decisions on lifting the lockdown. What does Labour think the exit strategy should be?”

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Dr Allin-Khan responded: “We are not looking to have an argument about the exit strategy. We are fully supportive of the lockdown measures in place.

“We are asking for some idea, some strategy going forward. Look at the devolved nations, they have given their people indications about what to expect in the future.

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“When will the elderly be able to leave their homes? Will children go back to school first? What will this mean to their jobs? We are calling for greater clarity as to what the exit strategy might look like.”

Ridge hit back: “Again, calling for something is the easy bit. Coming up with answers and solutions is the hard bit. Labour doesn’t have any opinion on that at all?”

The increased pressure on the Government comes with Boris Johnson set to return to work on Monday.

Speaking earlier, Dominic Raab confirmed that Boris Johnson will start work full-time on Monday.

He is “raring to go” and in “good spirits”, Raab said of the prime minister.

The foreign secretary, who has been deputising for the PM, said the last week three-weeks had been a “challenge” but it has been a team effort.

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