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Cruise: Haunting cruise excursion set to transport guests deep below the ocean surface

It was a concept borne from Scenic Eclipse’s Expedition Operations team.

“They spend their days searching for unique, discovery activities that we can offer to our guests,” Flesher continued.

“The aim of our team is to provide these experiences for our guests in a safe manner and in ultimate comfort.

“We work closely with our Journey Planners who are experts in their chosen destinations and we work together to hand-craft itineraries that perfectly blend luxury with discovery. “

Though it may seem like a wildcard compared to your standard cruise excursion, this was largely the aim of the Scenic Eclipse team.

“Commercial submarine diving had never been done before in the Polar regions and Scenic wanted to offer a unique, cutting-edge experience for our guests,” explained Mr Flesher.

“With a small ship, we’re able to reach off-the-radar destinations that have been out of touch for the ordinary traveller.

“With our luxurious, small yacht we’re able to take our guests to these hard to reach places and offer them an experience like no other, no matter where we are in the world – living up to our name of the World’s First Discovery Yacht.”

Source:Daily Express :: Travel Feed

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