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Cruise holidays: Always pack this one vital item in your cruise ship luggage says expert

Cruise: There’s one thing you’ll need for a cabin while on a cruise (Image: Getty Images)

Cruise ship holidays see hundreds of passengers flock onto the enormous floating hotels. Throughout the trip, holidaymakers stay in cabins which can vary depending on your budget and needs. A cruising expert has explained that there’s one thing you’ll need for a cabin while on a cruise, no matter how superior the room is.

Holiday packing is tricky no matter where you going in the world as it’s important to take everything you’ll need.

Finding yourself abroad without a key item can be very frustrating indeed.

Adam Coulter, UK Managing Editor at Cruise Critic, shared his packing advice with Express.co.uk.

He explained that there’s one vital item travellers should be sure to take.

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Cruise: “We recommend that passengers bring a small power strip onboard” (Image: Getty Images)

Coulter recommended packing an extension lead in your cruise luggage.

This is particularly important if you’re traveling on an older ship.

“Older cruise ship cabins are also notorious for not having enough outlet space for all the gadgets and gizmos that most cruisers carry with them these days,” Coulter exclusively told Express.co.uk.

“So we recommend that passengers bring a small power strip onboard.”


However, the expert cautioned that globetrotters do need to be careful with the type they bring onboard.

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Coulter pointed out the leads should have “no power surge protected strips (as these are banned).”

He also advised travellers to bring along adaptors.

“[You should always pack] US or EU Adapters,” said Coulter. “Check which sockets are available on your ship – as adapters in the onboard shops are usually expensive.”

Cruise: “Check which sockets are available on your ship” (Image: Getty Images)

Veteran cruiser Ben Better has also shared his luggage packing advice.

In his book Secret Cruise Tips, Better recommends bringing along a nightlight for inside cabins.

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“[Nightlights are] a must if you are in an interior cabin,” Better explained in his book.

“It can be very dark – almost pitch black with the lights turned off.

This could prove particularly alarming for children. “This can be pretty scary for the younglings,” added Better.

He also points out that many cruise lines don’t provide clocks in the cabins.

Consequently, cruisers may want to consider packing an alarm clock or other similar timepiece.

“For whatever reason, there are no clocks in the cabin,” said Better. “Personally, my iPhone works just fine but it’s totally up to you.”

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