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Cruise: How to beat the bulge on your cruise holiday – tips to stay healthy at sea

Cruise: How to beat the bulge on your cruise holiday - tips to stay healthy at sea 1

The cruising duo also recommends swimming laps in one of the cruise ship’s pools before breakfast – particularly on those warmer cruises – as well as taking part in dance classes, or going for evening strolls after dinner.

Of course, food plays a huge role in keeping a trim waistline too, and it can be difficult with so many delicious dining options on offer.

“We recommend having a light breakfast and lunch and saving yourself for the evening meal where you can have a full four courses For breakfast you can have a lovely fruit plate, for lunch you can have salads – avoid those creamy dressings,” says Ben.

“Instead of ordering a dessert maybe go for a fruit plate instead. Avoid all of the bread on board as well because that just fills you up, it’s full of sugar and full of calories as well.

“But remember you are on holiday so do enjoy yourselves. You’re going to find more and more often now that cruise lines have sort of healthy food programmes. So healthy things on the menu which are pointed out and even sometimes it shows you the calories as well so you know exactly what you’re eating.”

The duo also warns about hidden calories in drinks.

They recommend drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated but also being mindful of any sodas, juices and alcoholic beverages.

“We advise you take a refillable water bottle so you can refill it in the buffet…And you can take it to the gym with you when you head there before breakfast,” says David.

Meanwhile Ben adds: “Big cocktails like pina coladas, mojitos, all of the rum punches, they have so many calories in them. We know how tasty they are but if you do want to keep the weight off definitely avoid them.”

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Along with all of their handy tips for staying healthy, the pair also encourage travellers to have fun too.

With cruise tickets costing well into the thousands, many holidaymakers spend years saving for the trip of the lifetime, so it is vital you make the most of it.

Ben concludes: “This is a vacation after all. You’ve paid a lot of money and you want to have a good time.

“At the end of the day, it’s only a few days, a week or two weeks that you’re going to be on that cruise. It’s very easy to lose that weight as soon as you get home.”

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