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Cruise: Hundreds sue cruise line after contracting coronavirus onboard

More than 200 of them showed symptoms of coronavirus upon their return to France.

Three of the passengers died and others suffered very serious consequences.

Lawyer Philippe Courtois, who represents passengers on the Costa Magica, told AFP: “We need to know.

“All families need to know what happened. Why did this dream cruise almost turn into a nightmare?”


He added that the ship’s staff “were at fault, the passengers had virtually no information and only learned from local media that there were cases on the ship.”

From March 6 to 13, the ship was refused berthing in most of the Caribbean islands it visited, including Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, Barbados and Saint Lucia.

As a result, passengers were encouraged to use the ship’s shops, spas, restaurants and the casino.

The complaining passengers allege there were not enough sanitary measures in place and that they were not told about suspected infections onboard.

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The class action was filed in Paris with 180 complaints, including manslaughter, against Costa Cruises, their lawyer said on Sunday.

The lawsuit, which includes complaints from the families of three passengers who died from COVID-19, accuses the cruise line of negligence and various misconduct during its trip to the Costa Magica.

The cruise company told Express.co.uk: “Costa Croisières is not in a position to speculate on a possible complaint of which the company has not, at this time, been officially notified.

“The health and safety of passengers, crews and communities at the destinations we visit, compliance and environmental protection have always been and remain an absolute priority for the company in all circumstances.

“We would like to stress that when the cruise in question began and when the passengers boarded the ship, no official mandatory ban, local or international, had yet been issued and no travel restrictions imposed by the French Government.

“Subsequently, and as soon as the crisis linked to the Coronavirus epidemic broke out, the company immediately mobilized to support both passengers and crew on board the ships. An operational crisis unit, including in particular the President of the company in France, was immediately set up worldwide.

“Throughout the crisis, Costa Croisières strictly complied with the provisions in force and the recommendations of international, national and industry bodies in terms of preventing and limiting the spread of the disease. The health situation on board was continuously monitored by medical personnel who were in constant contact with local health authorities. Considering that at that time the situation was evolving rapidly, the ship’s medical team acted on the basis of the scientific information available and in full compliance with the instructions of the health authorities and in constant coordination with them.

“Passengers were kept informed of the evolving situation on an ongoing basis, in compliance with the instructions of the authorities and the company made every effort to ensure the care of the passengers on board the ships, including the repatriation of more than 25 000 guests in total.

“Unfortunately, the epidemiological situation caused by the Covid-19 rapidly evolved into a pandemic and the impact of the virus went far beyond what civil society could have imagined.”

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Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

Source Daily Express :: Travel Feed

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