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Cruise: Insiders reveal the most ‘mind-blowing’ feature on board – have you seen this?

When it comes to cruise holidays, there is fun to be had both at land and at sea. While cruises offer an opportunity to explore multiple global destinations on port days, there is plenty of wonderment to be had whilst at sea too.

However, though you may anticipate some of the highlights on offer in the theatre or by the pool, there are some hidden locations that cruise insiders have described as being one of their favourite things to witness.

Ben and David are a pair of cruise experts and the creators of informative Youtube Chanel Cruise with Ben and David.

The duo have been on their fair share of cruise holidays and have experienced a bit of everything on board, including this “mind-blowing area.”

Ben and David explained that they gained access to this behind the scenes area on a specialist tour which is offered by the majority of cruise operators.

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Cruise: Behind-the-scenes tours offer a look behind the staff doors (Image: Getty Images)

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Cruise: The laundry areas are constantly in use (Image: Getty Images)

Ben explains: “You can book behind the scenes tours on some ships, we’ve done this on Disney before and it’s completely free.

“On other ships, you have to pay and it can be quite expensive, but it depends on what type of behind the scenes tour it is.”

By simply asking at reception you could open up a whole new world on board – and this is where some of the most amazing sights can be seen.

“I tell you what the best area is though? It’s the laundry,” reveals Ben. “It is literally insane.

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“The amount of cloth and beds and blankets and towels that they wash on a daily basis. It’s all machines. It’s absolutely crazy and incredible.”

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Meanwhile, David jokes that it surpasses some of the “seven wonders of the world” in terms of things he has seen while enjoying a cruise holiday

Indeed, most cruise lines offer a laundry service for passengers on board as well as having a daily service to wash everything from table clothes to pool towels.

That means hundreds of loads of laundry are done every day by staff.

Cruise: There is plenty of exploring to be done while at sea (Image: Getty Images)

According to Cruise Critic: “Most cruise lines offer wash and press services onboard their cruise ships for a fee.

“There is typically a laundry bag located inside your stateroom that you can leave for your room steward to pick up.

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“Some cruise ships also have small do-it-yourself launderettes.”

Seemingly, this is where the magic happens on board.

Ben and David have also been known to reveal other tips to help boost passenger experience, including little changes which can increase your health on board.

“We asked on our Facebook page what do you do to stop gaining weight on a cruise and everyone said to take the stairs,” said David.

Ben adds: “You can actually burn up to 150 calories a day for doing 10 minutes stair walking a day.”

Opting for the stairs is a good way to kick start a healthy port day.

David continues: “Enjoy the port and you’ll be getting your daily steps in and earning those calories.

“There are some fantastic walking tours that you can do in most ports now. “With this, you can really rack up those steps.

“Or you can wander around the port yourself and make your own walking tour.”

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