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Cruise passengers reveal the unexpected expenses they’ve faced - including a £200 pedicure

Cruises are often a place of rest and relaxation - but ever so often, surprising events can ensue, leaving passengers less than happy.

In a Reddit discussion, cruisers revealed the unexpected expenses they’ve racked up on their cruise holidays that they did not see coming.

Sharing their experiences, one user recalled his time on a cruise ship, which left him strapped for cash.

“My first cruise was on a honeymoon with my wife. After years of seeing commercials with couples getting massages and dancing around the ship in black tie, and even having relatives own a travel agency, I was expecting a whole lot more to be included or offered at more reasonable prices.

“One of the biggest expenses on a cruise ship is using the spa. I live in a tourist town where people pay $ 15 for a burger and $ 20 for a cocktail, so I expected our couples massage to be comparable to what we have in town.

"Nope, $ 250 for a 60 min couples massage, plus automatic 18 percent gratuity, and they spent 15 minutes of that 60 trying to convince us to purchase their skincare products to take home. And this was five years ago - I have no idea what they charge now.”

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Cruises can be pricey with additional costs once on board (Image: Getty Images)

He added that another massive expense is getting your picture taken.

“Since we were wearing our bride and groom t-shirts, the photography staff on the cruise ship jumped on us to schedule a free photo shoot around the ship at sunset.

“We had a little fun running around for pictures, and three days later they finally came to us with the samples - $ 1,050 for a photo book, a canvas, and five 8x10 prints. No, you cannot buy it piecemeal, only the entire package.

“It was an absolute rip off and personally I don’t think the amount of things on a cruise ship which aren’t inclusive and are particularly pricey are not clearly mentioned when booking.”

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Another user shared a costly item which she usually brings herself but forgot on this occasion.

“One thing that was costly on my cruise was bandages - yes, you read that right.

“Although I always travel with a little first aid kit, I forgot to restock the bandages and managed to cut my toe on day one of the cruise.”

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The user added that the cruise ship’s medical centre had bandages and a single pack of some standard meds available in a vending machine - but they were $ 1 each and the machine only took quarters.

Cruise spas can be pretty costly (Image: Getty Images)

“It was either wait in line at the medical centre or hope I had enough bandages to get me back to dry land. Luckily I did, and yes, I restocked the kit as soon as I got home.”

Another Reddit user shared: “My wife got a pedicure on a cruise that ended up costing $ 240.00 [around £185]. I still haven't figured out how that happened.”

Paying for excursions, additional drinks, gifts and more can result in a hefty bill, and many cruise goers end up spending more than they may need to.

Gary Bembridge, author and founder of Tips for Travellers, revealed his cruise tips, warning cruise-goers of some of the rip offs to watch out for.

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Mr Bembridge said that the main thing that cruisers spend too much money on is wifi. Wifi is generally not free on cruises and he says it can cost anywhere between $ 40c-$ 75c per minute.

“You can buy various packages to help reduce the cost but you can easily be spending per person for one device $ 200-$ 300 dollars on a seven night cruise,” says Mr Bembridge.

He advises the best way to get around it is to assess whether you really need it. If you are on a very “port intensive cruise,” Mr Bembridge says that you can use their wifi when you’re on land and switch off when you’re on the ship overnight.

Other things he listed included excursions which are frequently offered on board by cruise lines.

Mr Bembridge said: “Excursions can amount to many hundreds spent over a week long or longer cruise. But there are loads of alternatives to cruise line excursions.”

The author mentioned that he likes to look for hop on and hop off buses for a cheaper excursion option. “They often come to the cruise point, it comes with some commentary and it’ll take you to key sites,” he said.

“Also third party providers will offer the same as many cruise lines, be much cheaper and have smaller groups.”

Other major expenses on cruise holidays, include spa treatments, which Mr Bembridge says are “incredibly expensive,” as well as bottled water, on-board shops and single supplement rooms.

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