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Cruise secrets: Ex crew member reveals what can happen if you’re fired onboard a ship

Cruise ship holidays offer passengers the chance to explore different destinations and holiday spots around the world. The cruise ship experience is like a floating hotel where passengers can enjoy days out in different destinations and return to their rooms for a good night’s sleep. But sometimes things do go wrong on cruises – especially onboard a ship with thousands of people.

“I can’t really give too much info without saying exactly which ship/company I was with but those return flights could cost $ 600 (£492) to $ 900 (£738).

“The local McDonald’s had some ex-cruise ship workers saving up money to get home.”

Another said they had allegedly heard the same story when they went for an interview to work on a cruise ship.

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They said: “If you get fired they drop you off at the next stop no matter where it is and you’re on your own for getting back home.”

However, another said that to do that you’d need your passport and the right Visa for that country.

They replied: “If a ship docks somewhere, every crew member onboard needs to have the right visa, permit, whatever it is for that port.

“They are extremely careful with paperwork.

“If you get fired or finish your contract, if your Visa is only for work onboard and not tourism, you have 24 hours to leave the country.”

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