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Cruise secrets: Passengers reveal what they really get up to on a solo cruise

Sharing tips, advice and more in a Reddit thread, users discussed what it’s really like to go on a solo cruise and why it’s the perfect way to spend time getting to know new people and most importantly, themselves.

When asked what it’s like to go on a solo cruise, one user proclaimed “it will be the best vacation you’ve ever had.”

“All freedom, all the time with no one but yourself to answer to,” he said. “It’s an entire ship of people who want to party and have fun with you.”

The unnamed man added that he is an experienced solo traveler who has taken five solo cruises and counting.

Some activities he enjoys during his cruise experiences included spending time reading on the deck, writing and splurging on excursions.

“A solo cruise is an awesome gift to yourself,” he added.

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Cruise secrets: Many solo travelers enjoy shore excursions offered by the cruise lines (Image: Getty Images)

Many cruise liners offer a variety of shore excursions, perfect for high-octane thrill seekers to those looking to lounge and relax.

Princess Cruises offer a wide selection of activities, including Bon Appetit Shore excursions which hosts cooking classes and tastings along with sightseeing, and Costa Cruises offers everything from glacier walks, sand dune adventures and zip-lining

Another commentator said the highlight of solo cruises is the nightlife.

“I’m a frequent solo cruiser and have sailed all the major lines. For solo travel I highly recommend Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), especially the Breakaway or newer ships (Getaway, Escape, Bliss and also the Epic) all of which have one person solo studio cabins and more importantly a solo travellers lounge with hosted nightly meetings where you can meet fellow solo travellers and have dinners, parties and shows with them.”

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Cruise secrets: Passengers can enjoy a variety of excursions during their solo cruise (Image: Getty Images)

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He added: “I’ve met lots of fun people on solo NCL cruises and even made many good friends with whom I’ve sailed again later.”

NCL are at the forefront of solo cruises, offering studio cabins for one as well a shared solo cruisers lounge for socialising.

Going on a solo cruise is predicted to be an increasing trend in 2020 according to Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).

The world’s largest cruise industry trade association published their 2020 State of the Cruise Industry Outlook report, which analyses the future of the cruise industry from investment into new technology, partnerships with local government and new trends for 2020.

One of the trends noted in the report, is a plan to prioritise “lone cruisers” due to the increase in people traveling alone.

“Cruise lines are responding to a shift in passenger demographics, by offering studio cabins, single-friendly activities, eliminating single supplements and solo-lounges,” the report states.

While solo travel is on the rise, there are still few cruise lines which fully accommodate for singletons.

Speaking to CruiseCritic, singles-travel specialist Eric Kravtiz said: “Since there are very few ships that offer solo cruise cabins, booking one may only be the best choice for a solo traveler interested in those ships’ itineraries. If such itineraries are not appealing, then the best option is often to save even more money by having a roommate assigned as part of a group tour.”

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One of the few cruise lines which fully accommodated solo travellers is Celebrity Cruises, as they offer a range of special events and a single supplement fee which is charged to solo travellers who take up a room alone.

On their website, the cruise line also provide a guide on how to make friends while on a solo cruise.

“You might be tempted to reside to your relaxing stateroom the first night, especially if you had to travel a long way to get to your solo cruise and are still feeling tired from the journey. However, the first night of the cruise is often when everyone is out and about around the ship, getting a feel for the vibe and learning about all the activities you can do,” their website reads.

“If there are other solo cruise passengers on board, they’ll likely be scanning each room looking for other cruisers like them, so it’s a good chance for you to strike up a conversation and make some new friends the very first night of the cruise. Then you’ll have familiar faces to see throughout the rest of your cruise.”

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