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Cruise secrets: Ship crew risk being kicked off if passengers start doing this with them

Cruise ship holidays for passengers enable them to travel to multiple destinations and enjoy the entertainment and facilities the vessel offers. While cruise passengers enjoy their trip, though, the ship crew are hard at work. Staff often work for weeks at a time in what can be a fairly tough job.

However, cruise crew are generally very polite and happy to interact with passengers.

While holidaymakers and crew may strike up friendships during the holiday – it’s important the relationship doesn’t go any further.

A former cruise ship crew worker has revealed what crew are not allowed to do during a voyage.

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Ex staff member Joshua Kinser, author of Chronicles of a Cruise Ship Crew Member, spoke to Express.co.uk about the onboard rules.

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Kinser revealed he “did hear rumours” of romances springing up between crew and passengers.

“I assume [crew] would just bring passengers back to their rooms or go to passengers’ rooms,” the ex crew worker said.

However, the penalty for being sexually involved with a passenger is harsh.

If crew are found to be doing this they would likely lose their job.


“If the cruise company found out crew members would be immediately fired and sent home without pay for the airline tickets home,” explained Kinser.

Cruise ship expert Adam Coulter, UK managing editor, at Cruise Critic, confirmed that crew and passenger relations are not allowed.

“Passenger-crew romances are strictly not permitted, and passengers are banned entirely from ever entering crew areas of the ship,” Coulter said.

In fact, many cruise line won’t allow crew and passengers to mix outside of duties.

“Most cruise policies state that crew members are not only prohibited from engaging in physical relationships with guests but are also not permitted to socialise with guests beyond their professional duties, either.”

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The consequences of a cruise holiday romance could have serious repercussions for a crew member.

“Cruise staff risk losing their jobs for breaking these rules, so a passenger could very well be ruining their paramour’s career entirely by getting intimate with him or her.”

Passengers could also pay the price of a liaison with a crew member.

Ex cruise crew worker Ben McFarlane recalled the rules in his book Cruise Ship SOS.

“The ship’s Upstairs, Downstairs rules had been made crystal clear to me when I’d been given the job back in the London,” he wrote.

“For their part, passengers can be booted off if they are caught on the wrong side of a ‘Crew Only’ sign.

“The idea is to protect everyone from danger, as well as from jealousy and guilt.”


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