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Daily horoscope for July 7: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Tuesday’s horoscope finds Mercury forming a Square with Mars in Aries this morning. A Square is the special angle where planets or other horoscope points are approximately 90 apart in the Zodiac circle. The classical astrology meaning of a Square is the powers involved are in conflict, meaning they cause trouble for one another.

Astrologers agree Tuesday’s Square aspect is capable of creating tension in your life.

At its most extreme, expect to fly off the handle and give someone a piece of your mind during the day.

The planet Mercury is Retrograde and nobody likely is thinking straight in the early hours.

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Events may feel all too personal and emotional, so please be extra considerate towards others.

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Daily horoscope: Tuesday’s horoscope is heavily influenced by the presence of a Square (Image: Getty)

Whatever you say today, you will be scrambling to fix it when Mercury goes direct after July 12 and especially on the 27.

This later auspicious occasion will witness it returning to bite you where it hurts.

You should anticipate bad feelings to emerge, so watch out in the morning.

Believers in astrology may feel as if there are jagged edges in the air, with the only defence being an ability to dial emotions back a bit.

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Another common trait associated with this Mercury – Mars Squares is an increase in aggression.

However, remember it is ok to have a rant and release some steam.

But always beware of saying something you will later regret.

Of course, sometimes there is old business that needs taking care of this Tuesday.

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This is something that has likely been gestating for a long time and could rear its ugly head any day.

With Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, it could well be that this dirty laundry is long overdue for an airing.

If you have felt angry for a long time, you might feel it bubbling to the surface only now.

Whatever is on your mind, now is the time to do something about it.

Just be cautious – the fiery planet Mercury is Retrograde after all – and avoid do something overtly rash you cannot undo.

You will be able to revisit any decisions by the end of the month.

Fortunately, this aspect’s arrival also brings good news.

The Moon is in cosmic, humanitarian star signs Aquarius and Pisces.

This is believed to be able to reduce some of that Cancer-Aries passive aggression and help you see the bigger picture.

The Aquarius Moon is quite detached from all this emotional stuff.

As a result, you may find you have a strange disconnect from feelings.

Still, the unease is there, so perhaps it is best the Moon enters Pisces later, allowing you to take a deep dive.

Now is an ideal opportunity to get to the bottom of what has been bugging you.


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