Daily horoscope for May 27: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Wednesday’s horoscope involves the Moon entering the star sign Leo. This combination is considered capable of dispelling the clouds and supplying even more sunshine.

However, avoid the mistake of thinking all is smooth sailing this Wednesday, as the Moon has Saturn and Uranus to contend with.

But you will be rewarded by making a bold move, taking a chance and give your heart what it wants.

And as the Moon hits its waxing Sextile with the Sun, you can finally gain some clarity.

The Sextile aspect is often read quite like a Trine, although there is a distinction between the two aspects.

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Daily horoscope: Wednesday’s horoscope involves the Moon entering the star sign Leo (Image: Getty)

Although Sextiles, like trines, point to some talent and ease, they have a little more “oomph” to them.

You can as a result expect to get a sense of what the recent Gemini New Moon, has in mind for you today.

Today’s Leo Moon loves all the attention so give it all you have got.

The star sign Leo supplies such love and warmth into your world – when it feels like it.

This might be easier said than done in the morning, as the Leo Moon Opposes Saturn.

An Opposition in astrology is created by dividing the circle by 2.

Oppositions are commonly considered to represent a state of divided loyalties, meaning inner discontent, uncertainty and insecurity can result.

Duty calls as the middle of the working week arrives, meaning you will have to postpone your fun for a while, so remember to behave responsibly.

The Sun and Moon create a Sextile next, meaning you can finally see the first fruit of your efforts.

Things are taking shape and form, making this a potentially exciting period.

A Square with Uranus only emphasises just how exciting this cosmic energy can be.

Anticipate to be sat at the edge of your seat, as what will take shape has an unpredictable element.

Want to avoid some heat? Here’s the one thing you should never ask, for each star sign!

Fun is the name of the game when the Moon is in Leo, so give yourself permission to play.

But should you feel the night is running away with you, you can trust Asteroid Chiron to provided a helping hand.

Keep it real this Wednesday, stay true to your heart and all will go according to plan.

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