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Daily horoscope July 27: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Monday, July 27, will see Jupiter sextile with Neptune and Venus, which could lead to new and exciting possibilities. The Sextile is an aspect formed when celestial bodies are two signs or about 60 degrees apart.

This is considered capable of creating a positive harmony between planets – opening new pathways for growth.

Today’s opportunity for growth comes in the form of career opportunities, where new avenues for success may present themselves.

Monday, July 27, is also a Scorpio first quarter Moon. This sees new energy and a certain buzz in the air.

The energy combined with the new opportunities is a promising couple, and now is the chance to go for what you want.

But the Moon in Scorpio means now is not the time for confessions of love.

The positioning in the stars enhances not only sensual attraction but also distrust.

This could prove a recipe for disaster, and it is important to sit back and take note of your relationships and be grateful for what you have,

However, the sextile between Mars and Mercury will be present to keep you in your place and try and hold you back.

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Perseverance is key, and the road to success will be there if you look for it.

Horoscope Friends said: “You’ve certainly got bitten by the bug and you simply have to ‘do something about this!’ Careful now, or you could fall down a rabbit hole of whimsy…

“Mars and Mercury are also close at hand to jar you right out of your reverie – and to annoy you intensely.

“So intensely perhaps that you’ll be quick to lash out to whoever disturbs your dreams.

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