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‘Dark Souls’ Direct Sequel Finally In The Works


Nica Osorio


  • The sequel of “Dark Souls” is finally in development
  • The ‘direct sequel’ features a new map, heavily modified combat system and a lot more
  • The new sequel, however, is not by From Software but by fans

While fans are still waiting for new official information about “Elden Ring,” exciting news about “Dark Souls” recently surfaced online. It appears that some of the top modders of the “Souls” community have collaborated to bring something new to fans. The industry will soon see the direct sequel of “Dark Souls” that features a new combat system, a new world map, and a lot of reworked enemies, though not made by From Software.

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In a blog post, modder Scott ‘Grimrukh’ Mooney announced the “Dark Souls: Nightfall.” The dev, responsible for the acclaimed “Daughter of Ash” mod, appears to have been working on Nightfall with other modders since 2019. Based on the description, the project is a direct sequel of “Dark Souls” with expanded lore not meant to clash with the original story.

“Dark Souls: Nightfall” features a new world map, but contrary to a lot of mod projects, it does not use new graphical assets. “I’m using a mixture of physically rearranging the areas of Lordran and building new areas out of existing map pieces and collisions,” Grimrukh explains. The same applies to enemies in the upcoming mod.

While there are no brand new models in “Dark Souls: Nightfall,” modders made some heavy tweaking in the form of retexturing and animations of the game’s existing enemies to make them look and feel new. As for the game’s combat system, fans can expect a heavily modified one that’s a lot faster than vanilla “Dark Souls.”

From Software has not yet confirmed if a sequel to “Dark Souls” is in the works but fans came up with a brilliant idea. Photo: Jonathan Kearns/flickr

For those curious about the story of “Dark Souls: Nightfall,” it would pick up moments at the dawn of the Age of Dar, following the ending of the first “Dark Souls.” On ResetEra, it was discussed that the main protagonist is not the Chosen Undead. Additionally, it was revealed that the story is intended to expand and not overwrite or serve as an interquel for the lore of the “Souls” game.

The “Daughters of Ash” mod took Grimrukh a couple of years to develop, but it was the work of a single person. At this point, it is not yet clear when fans could see the release of “Dark Souls: Nightfall.” It could be a few months or years from now. Unfortunately, fans might not see much of the mod until it is officially out.

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