‘Days’ Actress Linsey Godfrey Shades Co-Star Melissa Reeves For Liking Candace Owens’ Anti-BLM Tweets: ‘Nah’

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‘Days’ Actress Linsey Godfrey Shades Co-Star Melissa Reeves For Liking Candace Owens’ Anti-BLM Tweets: ‘Nah’

‘Days of Our Lives’ star Linsey Godfrey responded to Melissa Reeves liking some of Candace Owens’ tweets that questioned how the Black Lives Matter movement uses its funds by calling her action ‘racist.’

Linsey Godfrey, 31, is not standing up for Days of Our Lives co-star Melissa Reeves, 53, after she liked some of conservative commentator Candace Owens‘ tweets that criticized the Black Lives Matter movement and “the Left.” After one tweet called out the actress’ actions, one follower stuck up for her with a response that read, “We all have our own opinions and views! That’s what make the USA the land of the free and home of the brave!,” but Linsey made it clear she didn’t agree. “Nah there is no difference in opinion on racism, homophobia, transphobia xenophobia,” she tweeted to the follower. 

One of Candace’s tweets that Melissa liked questioned the charitable aspect of the Black Lives matter movement and asked where the funds they were raising were going. “According to its website Black Lives Matter, Inc is NOT a charity,” the tweet, which was reposted on Candace’s Instagram page, read. “It is a full-fledged corporation that does NOT have any locations. Can anyone tell me then where the hundreds of millions BLM has raised goes? Can anyone tell me in what state BLM was incorporated & by who?”

The second tweet of Candace’s that Melissa liked called “the Left” aka democrats, “The United Freaks of America.” “I wonder if we’re moving past the point of reconciliation with the Left,” it read. “Maybe we’d all be happier letting them pick a few states they can turn into their own country w/ no guns, no police, no statues, no genders, no flags, no men & no electricity. The United Freaks of America.”

Linsey spoke out against Melissa’s liked tweets again when another Twitter user asked “what happened to freedom of speech, thought, religion?” “THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE IN OPINION WHEN IT COMES TO RACISM, HOMOPHOBIA, TRANSPHOBIA OR XENOPHOBIA,” she reiterated in her second response. “Please do some research I’m so tired of explaining how BLM gives and receives funds. You have a super computer in your hands. It takes 2 secs. Not supporting BLM is racist. Period.”

Linsey’s responses didn’t end there either. After a third Twitter user called Melissa “completely lovely and nonjudgmental,” she explained that “even the nicest people can have awful views.” “Plenty of nice people have awful moral compasses, ” she responded. “I can’t associate w/it because it makes me a hypocrite. I condemn all those hateful & harmful beliefs.”

Linsey, who plays Sarah Horton on Days of Our Lives, has been on the show since 2018. Melissa, who plays Jennifer Horton, has been on the show on and off since 1985.

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