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Debbie McGee: 'I'm on a fine line here' Host admits after 'rude' admission on air 

Former Strictly Come Dancing contestant Debbie McGee, 61, admitted she was on a “fine line” with radio producers after she accidentally made a “rude” confession whilst on-air on BBC Radio Berkshire. Speaking about a present she once received from her late husband Paul Daniels, Debbie revealed he once gave her a blow-up six-foot polar bear. 

She told co-host Julian Perkins: “He was a practical joker. He once, before we were married, gave me a birthday present at the BBC rehearsal room, it was a six-foot toy polar bear.

“So I drove back to my flat in Surbiton in my little Ford Fiesta with the polar bear sitting behind me and it never occurred to me, until I pulled up at the traffic lights,

that people were giving me funny looks and of course, it was [because of] my polar bear.”

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Things quickly took a turn for the presenter after she revealed what she would have preferred to receive as an alternative to the gift her husband selected. 

“You could’ve bought something better than a skeleton, a blow-up doll or something”, she said before being met with an eruption of laughter from Julian. 

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“That just made Julian’s eyes pop out of his head.”

Her co-host’s hilarious reaction prompted her to clarify that she “wasn’t being rude” before Julian chimed in: “No, well not intentionally anyway.”

Giggling at the crude gaffe, Debbie joked that she was on thin ice with the show producers after the slip.

“Oh, (the) producer’s got here, oh dear. Anyway..I’m on a fine line here,” she added. 

A confused Debbie responded: “I was thinking I was being quiet.” 

He replied: “It was coming out on air young lady, honestly.”

Debbie quickly retorted: “I’m looking at our producer, you’re going to get a slap because he’s saying you’re telling big fibs.”

An amused Julian took the light-hearted joke well as he teased that he “isn’t complaining”.

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