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Defenseless baby swan ‘kicked by jogger’ and left for dead in brutal act of animal cruelty

News of an attack on a baby swan in Richmond Park has caused outrage and heartache. Sky News’ Kay Burley explained police are looking to identify the man who carried out the attack. Ms Burley said: “A newborn baby swan is fighting for its life after being kicked out of the way by a jogger in London’s Richmond Park.

“The cygnet is being looked after at the swan sanctuary in Middlesex.

“It is said to be desperately poorly with brain damage.

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“The police are looking for a white male in his 60s seen running around the park on Monday evening.”

The incident happened around 5.30pm on Monday evening at the Pen Pond area in the middle of Richmond Park.

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‘Defenseless baby Swan ‘kicked by jogger’ in brutal act of animal cruelty – police appeal (Image: Sky News)

Royal Parks Police posted an appeal for information or witnesses on their Twitter page.

The police noted they have spoken to staff at the Swan Sanctuary who said: “It is unfortunately not looking good for the cygnet.”

But added: “Thankfully he is in good hands.”

Many concerned animal lovers took to Twitter to voice their outrage and heartbreak at the event.

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A concerned social media user wrote: “The jogging is irrelevant, I think he’d have kicked the poor thing if he was walking.

“No empathy and probably not the first time he has hurt something or someone.”

Another added: “You hope it is an accident don’t you because it is hard to believe anyone could be so heartless.”

A furious Twitter user wrote: “It is disgusting and it makes me sick and angry.


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“Some people are an absolute disgrace, kicking a beautiful harmless baby swan.

“I hope they get this guy and jail him, get the CCTV if any and arrest this scum.”

While another added: “I hate some people, this kind of animal abuse really turns my stomach.

“I hope they find this excuse for a human.”


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