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‘Deluded’ Keir Starmer fumbles Ridge interview with Brexit answer – ‘Just doesn’t learn!’

During an interview with Sky News’ Sophy Ridge, Labour leadership candidate Keir Starmer said the party’s Brexit policy was “of course, the right policy.” He admitted the Labour Party should have also clearly outlined where they would stand on a second referendum. Frustrated viewers took to Twitter to voice their displeasure at Mr Starmer’s views with many insisting the Labour Party leadership hopeful is “deluded”.

Ms Ridge said: “I spoke to a lot of voters during the election and Brexit was brought up an awful lot.

“It was brought up particularly with Leave voters who thought that the policy for a second referendum was overturning their vote.

“You were a big architect of that position.”

Mr Starmer quickly noted the policy of a second referendum was not only supported by him but the Shadow Cabinet.

He said: “I thought it was the right policy.

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‘Deluded’ Keir Starmer fumbles Ridge interview with Brexit answer – ‘Just doesn’t learn!’ (Image: Sky News )

“I thought we should have gone on and said which side we would be campaigning for if there was a referendum.

“I warned our party that if we looked indecisive we would not look like we were leading on this issue.

“I think our biggest problem was that we did not knock down Boris Johnson’s phrase, get Brexit done.”

The Sky News presenter pushed for more clarity on Mr Starmer’s views regarding the Labour Party’s Brexit position and a second referendum.

She asked whether the Labour leadership candidate still felt Labour’s Brexit policy was the right policy.

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He answered: “Yes, of course.

“What we were fighting against was a deal that we thought would be very damaging for our country.”

An outraged Twitter user attacked not only Mr Starmer but all the Labour leadership contenders.

They said: “Keir Starmer is a Remainer, Lisa Nandy is a Remainer, Rebecca Long-Bailey is a Remainer.

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“No Labour Party lead by any of them will win an election ever.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Starmer and the Labour Party have not listened to the voters at all.

“They are unelectable with any of these candidates in charge, they have completely lost the plot.”

A frustrated voter simply put: “Keir Starmer, he doesn’t learn.”

The Labour Party caused controversy last year when they announced they would negotiate a new Brexit withdrawal agreement with the EU, then hold a referendum with Remain on the ballot paper.

The backlash to this strategy has been argued to be part of the reason the party suffered so heavily in the December general election.

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