Home Health Dementia: The diet shown to be a 'powerful weapon' against brain decline

Dementia: The diet shown to be a 'powerful weapon' against brain decline

Research shedding light on one of the factors that causes Alzheimer’s has also presented new ways of safeguarding against it.

In a research paper conducted by Professor Michael T. Heneka, of the Department of Neurology, University Hospital Bonn, Germany, and his co-authors, inflammation in the brain – known as neuroinflammation, was highlighted as a marker of Alzheimer’s disease.

According to Dr. Scuderi and her co-authors in the research paper, inflammation is an important component of Alzheimer’s disease because of the body’s immune reaction to initial abnormal deposits in brain cells.

Rather than making things better, however, this immune reaction that causes inflammation can rapidly develop to the point where it promotes the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, the research states.

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