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Demi Lovato’s Ring Designer Says Her Fiance Put ‘A Lot Of Create It

Learn EXCLUSIVE details about Demi Lovato’s ring from Max Ehrich, worth between $ 2.5-5 million. We also have a never-before-seen photo of the couple!

Demi Lovato, 27, gave fans a pleasant surprise when she announced her ensgagement to The Young and the Restless star Max Ehrich, 29, via a photo of her flashy diamond ring on July 22. So, HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the mastermind behind the oval-cut ring — celebrity jeweler Peter Marco — who revealed even more details about the decision process that went the multimillion-dollar purchase, and Demi’s reaction to her token.

Demi Lovato, Max Ehrich, Peter Marco
Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich happily pose for a photo with the designer of Demi’s ring, Peter Marco. (Photo Courtesy of Peter Marco)

Peter, who run his jewelry shop on Beverly Hills’ ritzy Rodeo Drive, told HollywoodLife that the ring cost Max between $ 2.5-5 million. It holds between 12-20 carats of diamond, which explains the steep price tag! The jewelry designer admitted that he could only provide a “ballpark” of numbers for the ring’s price and carats, for the sake of “respecting” Demi and Max’s privacy. However, he did give us a never-before-seen photo of the newly engaged couple after the ring purchase — check it out above!

Demi Lovato has shown off her gorgeous ring in multiple Instagram posts, like the one above. (@ddlovato)

This wasn’t a spontaneous buy for Max. “He put a lot of and effort this ring,” Peter told us. “We were talking about it for six weeks. The amount of texts, drawings that went back and forth, different ideas, different concepts. He put a lot of effort and this. His personality is to be a perfectionist with everything. The ring is totally handmade. The ring is done in platinum and has almost a carat of trapezoids on the side, so that means they’re a half carat each.”

“The bigger, the better” seemed to be Max’s motto while envisioning this ring. “He wanted a big stone so we decided to go with the emerald cut, because it’s a little bit more low key,” Peter added. “The stone is over an inch long, so handmade and platinum trapezoids — over a 12 carat stone.”

Demi was thrilled with the result. “Not only did she reach out, but she came my store to personally tell me,” Peter revealed. As for what the “I Me” singer said, Peter recalled her remarking at what an “unbelievable job” he did and expressing “how happy she was.”

“The day she saw my picture, she said, ‘You look like an honest, sweet man, you look like someone we could trust. Max really nice things about you. You did an incredible job,’” Peter continued. “Listen, she was lit like a light bulb. She is just so out of the world ecstatic and happy. You know, so, so happy with the job that we did.”

Demi Lovato, Max Ehrich
Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich were photographed leaving an Erewhon Organic Grocery Store in Los Angeles amid their quarantine together. (BACKGRID)

That happiness was apparent in the photos of Max’s beach proposal, which Demi shared to her Instagram! “I knew I d you the moment I met you,” the Disney Channel alum gushed in her online announcement, adding, “It was something I can’t describe to anyone who hasn’t experienced it firsthand but luckily you did too.. I’ve never felt so unconditionally d by someone in my life (other than my parents) flaws and all.”

Demi and Max have enjoyed a whirlwind of a romance. The pair sparked dating speculation in March of 2020, which only seemed to be confirmed when Demi accidentally popped Max’s Instagram Live session at the end of that month. They have also been quarantining together amid the coronavirus pandemic, which certainly helps to speed up a relationship! Now, the duo has a beautiful ring to make their extra official.

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