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Denise Richards: Inside Her Life As A Mom To Three ‘Nice’ & ‘Well-Rounded’ Girls

Denise Richards’ daughters have no desire to be actresses like their famous mom, who starred in ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ before joining the ‘RHOBH’ cast.

Denise Richards, 49, is the proud mom of three daughters — but don’t expect to see her girls on the big screen! Unlike their famous mom, Denise’s daughters don’t have any plans to follow her path to Hollywood. A source close to the family talked to HollywoodLife exclusively about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s relationship with daughters Sammy, 16, Lola, 14, and Eloise, 9. “Denise Richards absolutely loves being a mom. Denise> has always been protective of her children, but if they ever have questions, she is open with them,” the source told us.

The Bold and the Beautiful actress shares her two eldest daughters with ex Charlie Sheen, and adopted Eloise when she was a single mom. Denise is now happily married to Aaron Phypers, whom she wed in 2018. “Denise has a good balance of the fun and being their parent,” the insider told HL. “She does it all with her kids from homeschooling right now to taking care of the animals and anything work related that needs to get done.”

denise richards
Denise Richards with her kids. Image: Shutterstock

The source also added, “They’re very nice, smart, normal and well-grounded kids. They are not into celebrity or the cameras or any of that but they respect that their mom is. They are fully aware of who their parents are. Denise balances it all with her work and is very hands on and is in constant communication with her daughters when she is traveling. Aaron has adapted well to the role fo step-dad and their family blended very easily.”

Earlier in the week, Denise proved just how proud she is of her daughter Lola, who graduated from eighth grade. With California’s social distancing rules still in place, the youngster participated in a virtual graduation ceremony with her classmates on May 29. “Congratulations beautiful lola graduating 8th grade today. & your award,” Denise gushed in an Instagram caption, with a photo of Lola rocking her white cap and gown as she stood in front of an iPad. “I’m so proud of you.”

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