Home Science Destiny 2 Dawning update news as Bungie reveal early patch details

Destiny 2 Dawning update news as Bungie reveal early patch details

Destiny 2 Dawning update news as Bungie reveal early patch details 1

A new Destiny 2 update is going live today, December 17, adding new event content to the game on all platforms.

The good news is that Bungie has already confirmed what fans can expect, while also keeping a few secrets back.

Early patch news includes details on the Dawning event being released in Destiny 2 today.

Bungie has confirmed that the seasonal celebrations will be going live at around 5pm, GMT, following a new update to the game.

It’s set to run until January 14 and will include a range of new content to unlock over the coming weeks.

This also means the arrival of new decorations in social hubs found around Destiny 2, which will be one of the more noticeable changes after the update has gone live.

And it should also be noted that a lot of the Dawning unlocks will depend on Guardians tracking down the correct ingredients needed so that players can bake gifts and earn rewards.

“The Dawning is a special time when brave Guardians spread cheer (and cookie crumbs) throughout the solar system while keeping the Darkness at bay,” a message from Bungie explains.

“This year, Eva Levante returns to share tidings of joy and merriment with friends, new and old.

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“It might be cold on the Moon, but the lanterns that deck the halls keep the Tower warm and toasty. Gather and celebrate your victories, Guardian. The season for thanks is upon us.”

The good news is that all of Eva’s ingredients and cookies return from last year’s event, with a few more added recipes thrown in.

For each batch of cookies delivered, Guardians will gain progress towards bounties and rewards for some Seasonal cheer.

There will also be a new weapon to unlock through your baking skills and another returning from last year’s event.

The Cold Front SMG is the one that has been announced but more could follow in time.

We also know that the Machine Gun Avalanche from last year will be available to earn throughout the event.

Just like Festival of the Lost, New Light players will need to ensure they meet the correct requirements before they can participate in The Dawning festivities.

This includes escaping the Cosmodrome to unlock The Tower and achieving 770 Power.

But none of this will be going live until Destiny’s next big update is released on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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