Home Entertainment Destiny 2 Guardian Games armor items, release time and Weekly Reset update

Destiny 2 Guardian Games armor items, release time and Weekly Reset update

Destiny 2 Guardian Games armor items, release time and Weekly Reset update 1

The Destiny 2 Guardian Games are kicking off today and will be available to everyone on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The main reward will be some shiny new class items, although the Roadmap from Bungie has also promised new Legendary from the Guardian Games. As revealed earlier this month by Bungie, the Guardian Games pits Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks against each other in a new competition.

Players will need to visit Eva Levante to pick up a class item to wear during competition, and medals will be awarded to those battling it out daily in chosen game modes. These will be key to unlocking the best rewards and will help push your class up the podium.

A message from Bungie explains: “Your entry into the competition begins with a visit to Eva Levante. Each Guardian will receive a class item to adorn while taking part in competition. Bronze, silver, and gold medals will be available to earn daily, each of which will focus on specific game modes.

“To earn medals, equip your new class item, defeat enemies, pick up laurels on the battlefield, and advance your quest for the medals you desire.”

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Here is what the development team has talked about so far regarding scoring:

  • Medals – Players can pick up medals from Eva and complete them. Turning completed Medals into the Tower Podium will increase your team’s daily score.
  • Laurels – Pick up Laurels dropped by other players during Guardian Games to complete Medals and advance your team’s rankings. Laurels will drop in all activities except for Gambit and Crucible, where they will be awarded after a match has ended.
  • Exotic Ghosts – Complete Eva’s weekly exotic quest to claim one of three exotic ghosts. Complete all three weekly quests to gain all three.

Bungie has also made sure that the Guardian Games will not be dominated by just one class, as per the population.

“We fully acknowledge that class populations are a little lopsided. Hunters are so fabulous with their capes that there are indeed more of them than Warlocks or Titans.

“To help offset this (so Hunters don’t steal the show every day), medals will be weighted slightly per class to maintain an even playing field.

“We aren’t fiddling with the numbers to force wins on alternate classes – Hunters could still take this entire thing if they put enough effort in.”


Depending on your class, you will receive an item like a Cloak, Mark, or Bond which will update to reflect what placement your team has taken. If your class triumphs, the item placed over your armor will update to show Gold, while second and third place will turn to silver, or shameful bronze.

Whichever Class ends up the overall winner will see their class item change to the correct colour depending on the class placement. There will also be Daily Destiny 2 Quests to complete to unlock a new Exotic Ghost Shell, as well as a new weapon to earn, and Legendary Armor.

“As an example, if Titans took the “W” for day one, their Mark will update with a wonderful gold sigil,” Bungie explains.

“With Warlocks in second and Hunters in third, their class items would be updated to feature silver and bronze, respectively.

“At the end of the event, your daily placements will be combined for a final score. Depending on your team’s standings, your class items will be locked to their respective placements for the remainder of the year.

“If you’re looking for more ways to represent your class, Eva has you covered. Each week, you’ll be offered a free quest to earn an Exotic Ghost Shell, one themed to each Guardian class. Complete this quest every week to collect all three.”

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