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Destiny 2 servers down as Bungie confirm PS4 and Xbox One update rollback

Destiny 2 servers down as Bungie confirm PS4 and Xbox One update rollback 1

Destiny 2 servers are down tonight as Bungie conducts further changes to the game on PS4, Xbox One and PC. A new hotfix was launched earlier today and was set to include the only maintenance for the game. However, since the new Destiny 2 update went live, Guardians have been encountering problems. This includes the re-emergence of the issue causing missing currencies and materials on all platforms. Bungie has been forced to put the game back into maintenance until this problem is fixed.

A message from the Destiny 2 support explains: “We have identified the issue causing loss of materials and currencies after Hotfix All player accounts will be rolled back to the state they were in at 8:30 AM PST, with maintenance expected to last until 7 PM PST.”

This was followed by another message, confirming that more news would be shared at 5pm PST, or 1am GMT, if you live in the UK.

“We are continuing to roll back player accounts to the state they were in at 8:30 AM PST prior to Hotfix Destiny 2 will remain offline until maintenance is complete.

“Another update will be provided by 3 PM PST.”

As mentioned above, today’s Destiny 2 maintenance will complete after the game has been rolled back to an older version. Players lost crafting materials, items and currency earlier today and this should be returned to accounts.

Patch notes for today’s update can be found below and it’s unclear what changes caused the problems with Destiny 2 today:


Iron Banner

  • Added a Triumph to track Iron Banner Packages earned in Season 9. This will retroactively count all packages already earned this season.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Efrideet’s Gift Triumph from completing when players earned 50 Iron Banner packages in Season 9. This is retroactive


  • Fixed an issue where resetting your Infamy rank could reset progress on the “Get Closer” pursuit. This is retroactive, and will auto-complete for any players that has already been above Mythic this season.


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  • Fixed an issue where Solar Class emotes were incorrectly priced. Emotes will now be correctly priced at 500 Silver, and the carousel will be visible once more.
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