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Dinosaur breakthrough: ‘Everything changes!’ Incredible 125-million-year-old find revealed

Known as the Spinosaurus, the colossal creature roamed Earth 125 million years ago and was even bigger than a Tyrannosaurus, towering at up to 60 feet high. Believed to have inhabited the area that is now North Africa, the dinosaur first became known to experts after remains were discovered in Egypt by German palaeontologist Ernst Stromer in 1915. But the only proof this carnivore existed was destroyed during World War 2, leaving expert Nizar Ibrahim on a decade-long expedition to solve the mystery.

In 2017, he “hit the jackpot,” when a fossil trader in Milan reached out to Italy’s Natural History Museum, National Geographic’s “Spinosaurus” documentary revealed.

The series said: “Suddenly, everything changes.

“At the Natural History Museum in Milan, Italy, Cristiano Dal Sasso receives a large collection of bones from an Italian fossil trader.

“He’s told they’re from Morocco, likely spirited out illegally.

The dinosaur roamed Earth around 125 million years ago (Image: GETTY)

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60 bone fragments were discovered (Image: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC)

I was just amazed, I had difficulty breathing

Nizar Ibrahim

“They all seem to be from a single specimen and they bare a striking resemblance to Stormers’ lost Spinosaurus.

“Cristiano quickly connects with Nizar, knowing he’s been obsession over Spinosaurus’ bones for the last decade.”

Dr Ibrahim detailed his excitement over the find.

He said: “They said it is a large predatory dinosaur and that I should see it.

“So I travelled to Italy on my small student budget and I saw this really amazing layout of bones on the table.

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Dr Ibrahim detailed his excitement over the find. (Image: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC)

“I was just amazed, I had difficulty breathing.

“I was thinking ‘my God, is this what I think it is?’”

The series went through some of the 60 pieces uncovered.

It added: “Tall spines, leg bones, foot bones, skull fragments, it was a collection of fossils even more complete than Stormers.

“Convinced the skeleton is Spinosaurus, Nazar arranges to have all 60 bone fragments moved to the University of Chicago to be systematically studied.

“They expected the Spinosaurus to be similar to Suchomimus, the other meat-eater they had discovered in North Africa. 

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The bones helped to paint a picture of the dinosaur (Image: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC)

What the creature would have looked like (Image: GETTY)

“Suchomimus lived 15 million years earlier than Spinosaurus, around 110 million years ago, and it too had a long snout, conical teeth and a tail.

“But Spinosaurus had taken adaptations to the extreme.”

The skull of Spinosaurus was long and narrow, similar to that of a crocodile.

They are known to have eaten fish, and most scientists believe that it hunted both terrestrial and aquatic prey, using its long snout to its advantage.

Evidence suggests that it lived both on land and in water and had distinctive spines, which were long extensions of the vertebrae, growing to at least six-feet-long and were likely to have had skin connecting them, forming a sail-like structure.

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