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Disastrous new Windows 10 update leaves users searching for answers

Microsoft issued its monthly security update this week with a number of crucial fixes, including an issue that allowed hackers to delete your files from your laptop or desktop computer. So, needless to say – it’s a pretty important security update to install on your PC. Except, some Windows 10 users seem to be running into some trouble after updating their PCs to the new software.

According to a slew of reports on Reddit, it appears the latest Windows 10 update is causing an issue with Windows Search. A new bug, which appears to have been introduced with the latest security update, seems to be stopping Windows Search from loading.

A number of users attempting to use the system to try to get an answer are being faced with a never-ending loading screen. An error message stating “this is taking too long to load” appears for those on the latest version of Windows 10.

Thankfully, those who have run into the issue have shared a fix on Reddit too.

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Windows 10’s next update has a bug that will NOT be fixed before release, Microsoft admits

If your Windows 10 machine has automatically updated to the latest version of the operating system and you’re encountering problems with the Windows Search feature, then you might need to repair the Windows 10 system image.

This is a little more drastic, so it’s worth simply refreshing the Windows Search page first – to see if that fixes it – before embarking on this. However, if the Windows Search glitch keeps rearing its head, all reports suggest this is the fix.

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