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Disgusting UFC star Derrick Lewis spits in rival Alexey Oleynik’s food for fight

UFC star Derrick Lewis shocked fans as he spit in rival Alexey Oleynik’s food ahead of their upcoming Fight Night.

The former Heavyweight Champion is taking on his Russian opponent in the headline event at Fight Night on Saturday.

A win would see the 35-year-old hit three victories on the bounce after beating Ilir Latifi in February.

But footage has emerged of Lewis using some disgusting methods to try and get an advantage over his opponent.

In the clip, the American is in a kitchen and has come across Oleynik’s pre-prepared meals at UFC APEX in Las Vegas.

Speaking to the camera, Lewis says: ”I believe it’s missing some ingredients. We’re still going to get him his meal; it’s very important. It’s fight week, I know he’s going to be hungry.

UFC star Derrick Lewis disgusted fans as he decided to spit in Fight Night opponent Alexey Oleynik’s food

“It looks good, right? I’m going to add some flavour to his food.”

And he plants several drops of saliva straight on top as the cameraman sniggers with laughter.

“He probably won’t even notice. He’s from Russia, they don’t have any soul food over there,” the fighter adds.

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Lewis shared the video on his Twitter channel on Wednesday – but fans were left disgusted at the UFC fighter for his antics.

The American saw his opponent's pre-prepared food and decided to add some 'flavour' to it
The American saw his opponent’s pre-prepared food and decided to add some ‘flavour’ to it

“Man why you gotta act like a 9 year old? This ain’t it,” one said.

“Thats a perfectly good meal someone could eat homie.”

Another commented: “Disgusting, Derek – think of the kids.”

While a third held nothing back.

“Dude I am fan of yours but you just disrespected the food here,” they said.

“People are dying of hunger across the world and you did this?”

Lewis said 'he probably won't even notice' – but fans were not impressed at all
Lewis said ‘he probably won’t even notice’ – but fans were not impressed at all

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And a fourth added: “Waste of food man, starving people out there.”

A fifth send a direct message to UFC chief Dana White, with: “What the f***.

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“Dana, this cannot be allowed,what kind of fighters do you have?”

With a sixth writing: “Jesus that’s disrespectful.”

And a final UFC fan decided to change their allegiance for the fight, with: “Now I hope Oleynik kicks his a**.”

It comes as boxing legend Mike Tyson is considering stepping into the Octagon to take on Conor McGregor.

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