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Doctors urge Matt Hancock to update self-isolating advice after worrying discovery

The current UK guidance on self-isolating says people should stay at home and avoid contact with others for seven days if they develop symptoms of the coronavirus. After that, self-isolation can end. This is so long as they feel well and do not have a fever. However, this contradicts the current World Health Organization advice.

The UK guidance says a cough may persist for several weeks despite the coronavirus infection having cleared, but this does not mean self-isolation should be prolonged.

Although, if symptoms worsen and (especially if a person develops shortness of breath or a new fever), they should contact NHS 111.

However, the UK advice on how long to self-isolate for contradicts advice from the World Health Organization.

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WHO advice says people should self-isolate for 14 days after symptoms have cleared.

Newcastle University public health expert Prof Allyson Pollock along with 24 other concerned colleagues are now demanding to see evidence in support of the UK’s stance.

The Department of Health and Social Care says the recommendations are based on science and expert advice.

This is based on the science that most people will develop symptoms within five days of having contact with the virus.

After seven days, the Department of Health and Social Care believes the virus is highly unlikely to be passed on to anyone else.

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The UK says cough and fever are the main symptoms, but other common ones may include: A sore throat, fatigue, shortness of breath and muscle aches.

The news comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson continues his recovery after catching the disease himeslf.

Now, Boris Johnson has given a major health update following his battle with the deadly coronavirus in St Thomas’ hospital.

Boris Johnson told Trump that he is “feeling better and on the road to recovery” from coronavirus during a call with the US president today.

The Prime Minister appears to be getting back into the forefront of the government drive.

Mr Johnson is still in recouperating at Chequers with pregnant fiancee Carrie Symonds.

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However, the talk between the two leaders on the coronavirus pandemic still went ahead this afternoon.

The Prime Minister will also hold his regular audience with the Queen later this week – remotely on the telephone.


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