Dog dies after being gang-raped and stabbed 30 times in vile bestiality attack

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By (Simon Green)

A poor dog has tragically died after he was “gang-raped” by several people in an abhorrent bestiality attack that left him with 30 stab wounds.

Distressing footage shows the bleeding dog struggling to move on the streets of Bogota, Colombia on November 1.

Helpers then put a lead on the pooch and place a sack under its bleeding body.

After the video ended, the group took the dog to the vets in the bag due to its weakened state.

Marta Buitrago, the resident who took the dog to the vet, told the newspaper El Tiempo that the dog appeared injured and very weak when she found her.

Dog dies after being gang-raped and stabbed 30 times in vile bestiality attack

The dog being found on the streets of Bogota

Images and videos were shared on Facebook by Liliana Guerrero who said that the dog “was stabbed many times and sexually abused by several people”.

She added: “Because she wouldn’t allow it, they stabbed her.”

Tragically, Liliana later revealed the dog had died.

She added that she was felt unable to convey the “enormous sadness and helplessness I feel”.

“They destroyed her genitals, stabbed her almost 30 times, punched her and caused other superficial injuries,” she said.

Dog dies after being gang-raped and stabbed 30 times in vile bestiality attack 1

The dog that was raped and stabbed. (Liliana Guerrero/Newsflash) (Image: Liliana Guerrero/Newsflash)

“The dog could not cope with the amount of pain.”

Reports said the dog had recently delivered a litter of puppies when the incident took place, sparking outrage on social media.

Shockingly, another dog recently died in the country as a result of a bestiality attack.

The puppy, named Aquiles, died in the municipality of Quinchia but it is unclear if the authorities investigated the matter.

It comes after over 160 emaciated dogs were filmed crammed into a tiny home “filled with faces” in Japan.

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  1. What is wrong with these people? To harm a defenseless person or animal? Worse is that they destroyed her after what they did to her! What about her puppies? May all these people rot in hell & experience true hell in their lives soon! Karma x 3!!!

  2. are these Arabs so hard up they cannot get a girlfriend?????
    who gets off on bestiality these sickos are subhuman. please translate in their own language thanks.

  3. The law must be changed around the world.
    Severe punishments must be introduce for people who torturing animals. Even death penalties!!
    I see no point to be angry this one or four people. Next day will be the same crime done. But if law will be stronger criminals might be deterred. While law not changed nothing will change!!!

  4. First child sex abuse, now animal sex abuse???
    Zoophiles deserve condemnation as pedophiles does! It’s seems we now have two most hated groups on Earth!!! This needs to be made relevant!