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Dog owners beware: Urgent warning issued as dangerous virus causes pets to vomit for days

A number of dogs across the nation have been vomiting for days, suffering excessive diarrhoea and blood in their stools, with a worrying increase of cases at veterinary practices across the UK leading to warnings of a dangerous virus striking down beloved pets.

She said: “We have seen more dogs coming in suffering from vomiting and diarrhea in the last week – double the amount expected for this time of year.

“Most vets see one dog a day with vomiting and diarrhea, so when you start seeing dog after dog with it, it becomes a worry.

“I rung around some local practices to see if there had been anything similar. Ardmore in Sudbury had, so we thought the next step is to make people aware.

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“The dogs that responded best to the treatment are the ones that had treatment the quickest.


“One came in really unwell, they could barely walk up the corridor, we had to pick him up. He was the worst by a mile, he had been showing symptoms for up to five days.

“We must have a bug going around, because all our patients have been wormed, which leaves bacteria and viruses to be the only cause.”

According to the vet, one dog was so unwell that he could barely walk up the corridor at the vets and had to be carried.

Symptoms of the virus include prolonged vomiting for five days or more, diarrhoea and blood in their stools.

The suspected bug has been reported at a number of locations across the country, including Liverpool, and Norfolk, as well as The Forge Veterinary Centre’s sister practice, The Aldham Veterinary Centre, near Colchester.

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