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'Dogs dinner' James Martin furious as he suffers 'disastrous' This Morning cooking blunder

James Martin, 47, was on hand to cook up a storm in the kitchen for today’s This Morning, joining hosts Phillip Schofield, 59, and Holly Willoughby, 39, from his home. The renowned chef prides himself on serving up delicious dishes which look equally as inviting with precise presentation. However, a series of blunders left his creation today a mess and it’s fair to say the ITV cook wasn’t best pleased with the result.


Wanting to give viewers a recipe for a brunch dish, James demonstrated how to cook some röstis with a pair of patched eggs on top.

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Everything was going as planned with the chef creating each element separately before bringing them together at the end.

What should have been a perfectly presented plate of food quickly became anything but as he suffered a number of unfortunate blunders with the poached eggs.

Carefully placing the eggs on top of cooked spinach, one after one they split resulting in the presenters in the studio unable to keep their composure.

James then shocked Holly and Phil as the guest star ended up throwing the plate of food in the bin in fury.

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Taking to Twitter, those watching at home also couldn’t contain their reaction to the eggs splitting continuously.

One wrote on the social media platform: “James Martin when the cameras stopped rolling.. jeez he wasn’t happy after making a b****s of that lunch #ThisMorning.

Another added: “Glad to see I’m not the only that makes a hash of their poached eggs @jamesmartinchef #ThisMorning.”

While a third commented: “James Martin cracking his poached eggs just absolutely made my day #lockdownhumour #ThisMorning.”

A fifth responded: “I don’t get it… you’d be popping your poached egg anyway #ThisMorning.”


Trying to make the chef feel better, Phillip added: “That is exactly what would happen if I was doing it.”

After James was seen throwing the plate of food in the bin, Holly scolded him as she said: “Don’t do that.”

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Although he may have been on hand to give a cooking demonstration today, the award-winning cook has presented the show as a host.

Back in 2016, he took on the reins alongside Countryfile star, Anita Rani, 42, to fill the positions during the summer editions of the programme.


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