Donald Trump rips into 'unreasonable' Democrat governors over US lockdown

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Donald Trump rips into 'unreasonable' Democrat governors over US lockdown

Trump launched an attack on governors saying that “some of them are being unreasonable” in their management of the coronavirus pandemic. At a White House briefing on Saturday, Trump said: “There are a lot of protests out there, and I just think that some of the governors have gotten carried away.”

The claims come as protests against the stifling lockdown restrictions are starting to spread across the US.

In Austin, Texas, where more than one million people have filed unemployment claims since the start of the pandemic, hundreds of protestors gathered on Saturday demanding: “Let us work!”.

The rally was organised by a host of Infowars, owned by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who arrived to the Capitol steps in a tank-like truck.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, has said that non-essential companies that can operate curb-side service will be allowed to re-open on Friday.

Protesters still demand faster and more extensive changes.

Justin Greiss, an activist with Young Americans for Liberty at the Austin protest said: “It’s time to reopen Texas, it’s time to let people work, it’s time for them to let voluntary interaction and good sense rule the day, not government force,

“Added stay-at-home mother Amira Abuzeid: ‘I’m not a doctor but I’m an intelligent person who can do math and it looks like at the end of the day, these numbers are not that worrisome.”

Trump launched an attack against Democrats over a string of tweets on Saturday trying to politicise the crisis.

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Organisers of the Indiana protest said in a statement: “Our goal is to lift up our voices so that the governor will lift his unconstitutional restrictions because his cure is worse than the disease.

“The government cure has done more harm than the disease!”

Protesters outside Maryland’s statehouse in Annapolis maintained social distancing guidelines by staying in their cars but carried signs with messages like “Poverty kills too”.

More than 200 cars drove around the building honking their horns.

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