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Donna Air, 40, speaks out on coronavirus diagnosis as actress tests positive for COVID-19

Donna Air, 40, revealed she has been self-isolating after she developed “mild flu-like symptoms” 18 days ago. The former actress confirmed that she has been tested for coronavirus.

She confirmed the news of her diagnosis today, insisting she is aware “what a privilege it is to be able to access tests privately” while many frontline NHS workers are still unable.

Donna shared a selfie on Instagram as she told fans about her health battle and revealed her GP has said it is now safe for her to spend time with her loved ones again.

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She wrote: “Hi Guys. I hope everyone is managing to stay strong and in relatively good spirits during the lockdown.

“I just wanted to let you know developed mild flu like symptoms and started self isolating 18 days ago, I took a test for some clarity & the results tested positive for Covid19.

“Thankfully symptoms improved shortly after and my loved ones are not displaying any signs of the virus.

“I will continue to follow government guidelines & in the meantime I am sending masses of love to you all especially those on the front line.”

Donna continued: “I am aware of what a privilege it is to be able to access tests privately, so I have donated some to friends working for the @NHS. I feel relieved having consulted my gp who has confirmed it is safe to see my daughter again.

“Happy to answer questions on symptoms or give info on what I did to boost my immune system when I felt at my worst. #Stayhome & #Savelives. #staystrong #selfcare #covid19 #overcorona Donna x.”

The former actress also took to Twitter and responded to fans questions amid her announcement.

A social media user wrote: “Love how you turned this into a positive and bought tests for your friends in the NHS. Kudos to you Donna x,” (sic).

And Donna replied: “Best not add to the fear that’s already out there. Fear weakens our immune system!

“Which is why I wanted to wait until I was ok to share with friends and family.”

Donna’s candid admission comes as the NHS said they are treating the coronavirus as a level four emergency, the highest warning possible.

A level four emergency is defined as when “pressure in the local health and social care system continues to escalate leaving organisations unable to deliver comprehensive care.”

The government has predicted up to a fifth of the UK’s workforce could be off at the same time, either infected or self-isolating.

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Last week Boris Johnson outlined his plan to tackle the virus, which is currently in the delay phase.

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