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Don't download latest Windows 10 update if you own one of these popular laptops

According to Windows Latest, it’s not just ThinkPad users who have been affected by this new glitch with non-Lenovo users complaining on Reddit and Microsoft forums.

Speaking on Reddit, on Windows 10 fan said, “I went from a perfectly fine, basically brand new computer, to more busted than the old PC I replaced, basically overnight.”

Whilst another user added, “I am absolutely not having a good time with 2004.

“Is there any easy way to roll back to an earlier version outside of that 10 day window beyond trying to search around for a specifically updated version of windows?”

This latest bout of issues comes as Microsoft may have finally realised that its updates are causing too many problems for users, in fact it’s emerged that the US firm could be switching from two big updates each year to just one.

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