Home Tech Don’t trust these ‘Netflix websites’, they could cost you a small fortune

Don’t trust these ‘Netflix websites’, they could cost you a small fortune

Don’t trust these ‘Netflix websites’, they could cost you a small fortune 1

Netflix has seen a surge in the number of people binge-watching shows and movies to pass the time during lockdown. In fact, so many new subscribers have signed up to the video on-demand service that Netflix is now worth more than the Walt Disney company. However, the increased popularity has brought some unfortunate consequences.

New research from cyber solution brand BrandShield has warned that cyber criminals are increasingly targeting customers on streaming services – the hugely-popular Netflix. These dangerous schemes use phishing and fraudulent sites set up specifically to steal money from Netflix users who believe they are buying a new subscription.

Not only are crooks trying to steal debit and credit card information, but they are also looking to steal Netflix user details to compromise your accounts. This will allow them free access to Netflix – and could leave you unable to login to your own account, if they change the password or log out your devices remotely from the settings once they’ve gained access.

According to the latest statistics from BrandShield:

  • 639 new domain names registered with the exact word “Netflix” in them since the beginning of 2020
  • Out of 639, 236 domains were registered in March only
  • In addition, 41 percent of the new websites created in 2020 have a mail server indicating that phishing emails may also be being sent

The security researchers have uncovered a number of fake websites designed to resemble the Netflix homepage or account page. These are set-up by criminals hoping to steal money from people hoping to access the thousands of shows and films available from Netflix.

For instance, fake websites such as netflixvietnam.com and netflixcoro.com.ve/ are posing as the Netflix pages for particular countries asking for viewers payment details.

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BrandShield CEO Yoav Keren spoke about the research to Express.co.uk, stating: “As the world goes into lockdown, cybercriminals are capitalising on people spending more and more time online. Consumers of streaming websites are increasingly at risk of successful phishing attacks.

“We have seen an explosion in domain names featuring ‘Netflix’ as criminals are looking to catch consumers out and extract financial or personal records. Governments must do more to educate the public about the risks they face, and how they can protect themselves.

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“BrandShield protects some of the biggest corporations in the world and we takedown thousands of threats across websites and social media every month. We are getting companies approaching us all the time asking for our help. This problem is only going to get bigger as people spend more time transacting and interacting online”.

Examples of Netflix phishing sites:

  • https://netflix.fit/
  • www.netflixvietnam.com
  • http://netflixgiftcard.site/
  • http://netflix-payment1.com/
  • https://netflixfreeaccounts.net/ – with malware
  • http://www.netflix-france.net/ – with malware
  • http://netflixgift.com/
  • http://netflixhesap.site/
  • http://netflixcoro.com.ve/
  • https://netflixfreeaccounts.net/ – with malware
  • http://www.netflix-france.net/ – with malware
  • http://netflixhesap.site/
  • https://netflix.fit/

Of course, if you have been tricked by one of these websites and entered your account details – you will need to immediately log into Netflix and log-out from all devices (found in the Account page on the website, and then tap on “Sign Out Of All Devices”).

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