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eBay: ‘Rare’ Wallace & Gromit 2019 50p coin listed for 'bargain' price of just £99.99

Commemorative coins are released to mark a special occasion and can sometimes sell for a staggering sum of money. The bidding site, eBay, can be a great place to start for those looking to get their hands on a coin. Recently, a 2019 Wallace & Gromit 50p coin was uploaded onto the site for just £99.99. With some coins being listed for more than ten times its current asking price, is this price tag actually a bargain?

The eBay user, “croydon-collectables”, uploaded the Wallace & Gromit 2019 fifty pence piece with a single picture of the coin.

The user has been a member since September 2018 and has 100 percent positive feedback.

As croydon-collectables’ name suggests, the seller has a number of collectable coins listed for sale, including the extremely rare 2009 Kew Gardens coin, which according to Change Checker is the rarest fifty pence in circulation.

The seller of the Wallace & Gromit commemorative coin boasts 33 new sales this year and has multiple users branding him as a “top seller” on the site.

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eBay: ‘Rare’ Wallace & Gromit 50p coin listed for only £99.99 – should you act now? (Image: GETTY IMAGES/THE ROYAL MINT)

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eBay user, croydon-collectables, listed the commemorative Wallace & Gromit coin for £99.99 (Image: EBAY/croydon-collectables)

One happy customer wrote on the seller’s page: “Extremely happy with the service and sale, great communication, quick to respond and resolve issues.”

Whilst a second one added: “What a great bargain! Arrived quickly and item just as described, great communication thank you.”

A third happy shopper stated: “Good eBayer, top class service, a pleasure to deal with, thanks again.”

The coin was inspired by the original Wallace & Gromit short film, A Grand Day Out, and was designed by the creator of Wallace and Gromit, Nick Park and the team at Aardman.


The film followed Wallace, a sweet inventor with a strong passion for cheese.

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His dog Gromit is a loyal companion, always getting his owner out of scrapes.

The well-loved characters can be seen side by side on the coin, with Wallace looking lovingly at his dog companion.

The inscriptions “caseus prasetans” sits across the top of the coin, which means “excellent cheese” in Latin, Wallace’s famous catchphrase.

The coin was released on October 29, 2019, to mark the 30 years since the pair first appeared on British screens.

Royal Mint said: “Two very special visitors are set to arrive at The Royal Mint on 29 October 2019, 30 years after they were first on screen and entered the nation’s hearts.”

Since the announcement was made on 11 October, coin collectors have been trying to get their hands on a brilliant finish 50p coin, a gold proof or coloured version.

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eBay: Although the coin is listed for £99 on eBay, the commemorative coin can be purchased from the Royal Mint for just £10 (Image: THE ROYAL MINT)

Croydon-collectables describes the Wallace & Grommit coin as rare and explained it was originally released in 2019.

The seller wrote that the commemorative coin would be a great edition to a collection: “This is a great way to add to your collection at a fair price.”

Bidding has been turned off for this listing, instead the “Buy it Now” function has been enabled to allow interested buyers in purchasing the coin for just £99.99.

As well as the bargain price, the seller is also offering buyers free postage and delivery for purchasing an item. So, priced at just £99.99 should you act now?

While the coins may be interesting to a lot of people, they, unfortunately, are not worth much.

Although deemed “rare”, the coin is in fact not as rare as the seller claims.

As the Wallace & Gromit 2019 UK 50p coin has not entered circulation but can be purchased from The Royal Mint for just £10.

Whilst the coloured silver proof 50p coin, limited to 25,000, costs £65 and the gold proof coin, limited to 630,is listed for a whopping £945.

According to Which.co.uk, the uncirculated coins can be sometimes found for as little as £4.50, but that in its self is rare.

“You might think that these coins will grow in value over time, but that’s not necessarily the case,” said a representative at Which.co.uk

Instead, the representative warns coin enthusiasts to be careful and encouraged further research before committing to a sale, no matter if it appears to be a bargain.

The publication Coin Yearbook, written by Phil Mussell and the production team of Coin News, has also reported a warning which buyers should be aware of.

Discussing the issue of buying coins in an online auction, the team explained how the seller is free to price items as they see fit.

However, this can make other items – which are selling for a smaller amount yet still higher than its actual value – seem more appealing.

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