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Elon Musk snub: China tech skilled says fears of AI ‘digital super intelligence’ are incorrect

Elon Musk snub: China tech skilled says fears of AI ‘digital super intelligence’ are incorrect 1

Dr Feiyu Xu, the vice chairman and head of the AI Laboratory at Lenovo, spoke to journalists on the the corporate’s innovation and analysis centre in Beijing. Chatting with the Metro she stated fears in regards to the rise of a “digital super intelligence” are “premature” given we haven’t even managed to achieve human intelligence. Fears in regards to the potential of artificial intelligence have all the time been the principle topic of sci-fi movies however because the know-how advances so too have actual world fears of the potential implications.

A type of most vocally pushing for warning within the applied sciences growth is Elon Musk who has stated previously AI might turn out to be an “immortal dictator from which we could never escape”.

Dr Xu although expressed doubts over the declare: “Let me put it this way: I have worked in AI for almost 30 years and experienced the ups and downs as well as a lot of promise, a lot of expectation.”

“I feel we’re in an excellent interval of AI proper now due to deep studying and large knowledge know-how.

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“However we’re far-off from human intelligence. I solely must admit I don’t understand how our mind works and I don’t how we will simulate how our pores and skin feels.

“Our robots are nonetheless plastic and steel.”

Regardless of Musk’s warnings Dr Xu made clear that the know-how merely wasn’t there to be speculating at this level about a pc with mind far surpassing our personal.

Lenovo doesn’t appeared nervous as they’re at present working to embed synthetic intelligence in sensible units which is able to enable the know-how to be utilised in trade, work locations and houses.

JUST IN: NASA and SpaceX: Dragon test puts Elon Musk one step closer to orbit

The businesses added yesterday — SpaceX, Blue Origin, Sierra Nevada Company, Ceres Robotics, Tyvak Nano-Satellite tv for pc Programs Inc. — all vow to move a lot heavier payloads than what the unique 9 CLPS firms say they will carry.

The unique 9 firms had been initially set the goal of taking ten kilograms to the moon however the brand new firms added ought to be capable to capable of finally carry a number of tons.

“We have a need and saw a need to bring on some additional providers that had enhanced lander capabilities,” Steve Clarke, deputy affiliate administrator for exploration in NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, stated throughout a press convention saying the brand new CLPS members.

“This is based on our objectives — the agency’s objectives — to get to the moon as soon as possible, both from a scientific standpoint and from a human exploration standpoint.”

NASA stays eager to showcase its applied sciences it will use in future area missions and is eager to journey to the Moon’s lunar south pole with the intention to scout for potential ice water.

If discovered the ice would act as an important useful resource for future human missions.

Blue Origin is bidding its Blue Moon lander design, unveiled by founder Jeff Bezos again in Might.

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SpaceX is choosing its future Starship Spacecraft, which the corporate has been constructing at its check websites in Boca Chica, Texas, and Cape Canaveral, Florida.

SpaceX claims that its Starship when accomplished will be capable to take as a lot as 100 tons to the Moon’s floor in addition to take off once more after touchdown.

While the timelines proposed by all the brand new firms for his or her robotic landers are pretty bold, no automobiles have been constructed or launched but so its probably there will probably be delays.


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