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Elvis gave teenage Priscilla drugs in bed during marathon sessions: 'I nearly DIED'

During one marathon session, the rock star gave his girlfriend, who was still at school, powerful drugs. In a revealing interview, Priscilla admitted she had “almost died” and passed the following two days “knocked out.” Almost as shocking is the fact that Elvis, already taking constant pills in his twenties, did not call a doctor because he “probably forgot.” Watch Priscilla talk about their relationship in an interview with Barbara Walters.

Elvis met Priscilla while doing military service in Germany, which he completed in March 1960 when she was still 14. Incredibly, at the time the press and fans openly started to refer to her as his sweetheart, despite her age.

Two years later he persuaded her parents to let their daughter visit the US for a fortnight and Priscialla was finally allowed to move permanently when she was 17.

She was supposed to stay in a separate house and complete her schooling but actually spent every night and much of the days in his bed at Graceland.

The King was almost nocturnal, always awake until almost morning and then sleeping through the day and he expected Priscialla to stay up with him.

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Every morning, Priscilla would get up and go to High School.

When she came home in the afternoon she would crawl straight back into bed with Elvis, who was usually about to get up.

Walters observed that Elvis wouldn’t even have noticed that Priscilla had been gone for hours and the icon’s former wife smiled and acknowledged, “I worked that out.”

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In fact, Priscilla openly admitted she would have tolerated anything to keep Elvis by her side, including the crazy hours and an apparent sex ban until marriage.

Extraordinarily, she explained it away: “Well, he forgot, I think, the fact that I had never taken drugs and he had given me two because he was used to taking two, you know. It didn’t bother him.

“He gave them to me and I was knocked out for about two days.”

After Priscilla finished school in the summer of 1963,  Elvis’ behaviour became more extreme. They would stay in bed for days on end in an intentionally freezing room with blacked-out windows to keep out the light. 

Years later, she explains why Elvis needed to live like that.

Source Daily Express :: Entertainment Feed

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