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Elvis: Lisa Marie was 'worried to death' the end 'Please don't die, daddy'

Lisa had a magical childhood at Graceland, filled with luxuries most children can only dream of. She also had a father who adored her and lavished her with love. But even among the pony-riding and late night golfcart rides, the little girl was aware something was wrong. daughter described trying to catch him when he collapsed on more than one occasion and begging him, “You’re not going to die are you?”

Lisa was her daddy’s little girl and recalled: “He was very protective, very adoring, very watchful. I knew that I was loved, there was no question about that. It’s not easy to come by, obviously, but it was very apparent to me. And it was very mutual.”

But she could also sense that her beloved father was in trouble: “I actually said to him, ‘Please, you’re not going to die are you? Don’t die.’ I didn’t know then what was going on. I wish I had. I didn’t have any clue what was happening. I just thought he’s not happy. ‘(I thought) My God what is going on?'”

And she described some disturbing signs.

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Lisa said: “I remember seeing his stomach and (being) worried to death over that.

“There were several times where I’d get worried and go check on him and find him in these bad states.

“Out of nowhere he’d just start falling and I’d have to go run and catch him and he was about 6’2 and quite heavy and I’m holding him up.

“It was just starting to become too common. He was not too happy. He was in such an ivory tower and so untouchable and so alienated.”

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