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Elvis Presley best album poll: Which is the best Elvis Presley album? SURPRISE results

Express.co.uk gave Elvis fans the chance to choose their favourite of The King’s UK and USA Billboard 200 Number One studio albums. Needless to say, the results were split and fans gave their views pretty openly. Here is the result of one of the biggest questions in music – which is Elvis Presley’s best album?

Which is Elvis Presley’s best album?

With a whopping 47 percent, 1969’s From Elvis in Memphis was voted as the best album by Express.co.uk fans.

The album, recorded at the American Sound Studios rather than RCA’s usual studio, was a mega hit at the time of its release, and signalled one of The King’s last big releases before his death in 1977.

Two other albums then take joint third place in the poll, with both revealing very different times in Elvis’ life.

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Elvis – which is the best album? (Image: Getty)

The first is Elvis Presley, which was his first album and was released in 1956.

The other album to join with Elvis Presley in the join third place, was Elvis is Back! Of 1960.

This was the first album Elvis released after his return from military service during which time, his ex-wife Priscilla Presley claims, The King was concerned his popularity would dip.

Clearly his comeback album shows how well loved he was by fans, even after a short time away from them.

Elvis Presley (Image: Getty)

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Elvis performing on stage (Image: Getty)

After these, the three remaining albums took joint sixth place in the poll: Elvis (1956), Elvis’ Christmas Album (1957) and Something for Everybody (1961).

As is often the case with singers, his first album was an eponymous album, named Elvis Presley and released in 1956.

This was quickly followed by Elvis in the same year, before he released a Christmas album in 1957.

Following this meteoric rise to fame, Elvis joined the army to complete his National Service, during which time he recorded some songs in his breaks.

Elvis with Priscilla and Tom Jones (Image: Getty)

He made a triumphant return with Elvis is Back in 1960, and from then released a large number of albums over the subsequent decade, including gospel albums such as 1960’s His Hand in Mine and 1967’s How Great Thou Art.

During this decade Elvis also released a number of soundtrack albums, as his movie career saw him regularly singing the theme song, and multiple other tunes for each role.

He also produced live albums in his later years, as he began huge tours and residencies in Las Vegas.

Many reached Number One in the UK and the USA, with some even achieving Diamond certification, meaning it sold more than 10million copies.


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