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Elvis Presley: Lisa Marie's HORRIFYING phone call to Linda Thompson to break news of death

Elvis Presley: Lisa Marie's HORRIFYING phone call to Linda Thompson to break news of death 1

Elvis Presley died following a heart attack on August 16, 1977. That fateful night, his then nine-year-old daughter Lisa Marie Presley, whom he shares with his ex-wife Priscilla Presley, was at Graceland and tragically saw her father unconscious on his bathroom floor. That night, the person Lisa Marie turned to was her dad’s former girlfriend, Linda Thompson.

Linda broke off her relationship with Elvis a year before he died, struggling to cope with his “self-destructive” lifestyle and downwards spiral.

But she continued to call a handful of times in the year which followed, even phoning Graceland to check on the Blue Suede Shoes singer days before his death.

Last year, in an interview with Dean Z at the Las Vegas Elvis Festival, she recalled how she had got through to Elvis best friend Charlie Hodges while Elvis was sleeping.

During the call, which took place the Friday before Elvis died on the Tuesday, Linda said she begged Charlie to check on her ex’s breathing.


Despite his reassurances Elvis was fine and asleep, she persisted and he eventually went to check before returning to the phone to confirm the rock ’n’ roll star was breathing okay.

“I didn’t speak to him again and then Tuesday I got the call from Lisa Marie screaming on the phone, ‘My daddy’s dead! My daddy’s dead!’” she said.

Remembering where she was the moment she received the devastating call from Lisa Marie, Linda continued: “I was at my apartment in Los Angeles.

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“Still the memory is so surreal,” she admitted. “Because Lisa Marie would call me from time to time — she was only nine-years-old but we really shared a connection.

“And she said, ‘My daddy’s dead! My daddy’s dead!’” Linda recounted.

“It was stunning to me,” she added, going on to say how she had insisted the news of Elvis death couldn’t be true.

She even asked Lisa Marie if the youngster could be mistaken and Elvis might just be “sick”, like the time she had to call an ambulance for him because he couldn’t breathe properly.

“She said, ‘No, he’s dead. They told me he’s dead. Nobody knows but they told me he’s dead.’ And she said, ‘He’s smothered in the carpet.’”

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