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Emilia Clarke: ‘I burst into tears’ Game of Thrones star admits her BROTHER stole from set

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke, 33, said she was a “frustratingly good girl” during her time on the show and didn’t take anything from the set as a keepsake, unlike her co-star Kit Harington, who took a statue. But, despite the actress regretting her decision, she admitted her brother, who worked in the show’s camera department, surprised her with a gift unexpectedly.

Speaking to Zoe Ball on her BBC Radio 2 show this morning, Emilia said she was left “in tears” by her sibling’s kind gesture after she repeatedly asked producers if she could take home one of her wigs.

She explained: “I was such a frustratingly good girl, I didn’t take anything, I abided by the rules.

“However, I’m just going to say this live on radio, my amazing brother who worked on the show as well, he gave me the best Christmas present ever.

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“He had in one of the battles scenes, he got a mate of a mate, anyway, he got one of the Targaryen flags, so I opened it this Christmas and just burst into tears.”

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“We all just say it’s like we got in this bunker for 10 years and now we’re like ‘Where are we?’

“It feels very freeing to be free literally from the show.

“That being said, Daenerys is very much a part of me.

“I find myself always… so I listened to a producer the other day, ‘The actor is the character’s best lawyer’.

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