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Emma Watson: Harry Potter star responds to backlash after Instagram posts 'See your anger'

The Little Women star, along with millions of social media users, posted a black square online yesterday, however her numerous posts divided fans.

Many pointed out that her black squares had white borders, in fitting with the rest of her Instagram posts.

Taking to the comments section of her post, one user wrote: “Did she really just add white borders to make it aesthetic.”

Sharing a similar thought, another penned: “She really posted three of the same image WITH a white border in order to NOT ruin her aesthetic. I’m crying in disappointment and frustration.”

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A third user remarked: “Emma please delete this having a black backdrop with white borders to fit your feed with no resources to direct your followers to…it’s useless.

A short while later she wrote: “There is so much racism, both in our past and present, that is not acknowledged nor accounted for. White supremacy is one of the systems of hierarchy and dominance, of exploitation and oppression, that is tightly stitched into society.”

The actress continued: “As a white person, I have benefited from this. Whilst we might feel that, as individuals, we’re working hard internally to be anti-racist, we need to work harder externally to actively tackle the structural and institutional racism around us.

“I’m still learning about the many ways I unconsciously support and uphold a system that is structurally racist.”

The movie star, who is best known for playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, went on to say that she would be using her social media accounts to share links to resources she has found useful for her own “researching, learning, listening” over the coming days.

“I see your anger, sadness and pain,” the 30-year-old added, before signing off: “I cannot know what this feels like for you but it doesn’t mean I won’t try to. Emma”

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