Epic employee comments on Fortnite server performance issues

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Epic employee comments on Fortnite server performance issues

Breaking the silence, an Epic Games employee has offered some much-appreciated feedback on the current server performance issues plaguing Fortnite.

A post by Reddit user u/SaviorselfEnds gained so much traction that it caught the attention of Epic Games. Following recent updates, Fortnite players have been reporting consistently higher ping connections, lag and FPS issues. “JShredz”, who works in Live Operations at Epic, commented to “help shed some light”.

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In response to complaints that Epic simply need to upgrade their servers, JShredz had this to say: “We use the absolute fastest, highest-grade server hardware available from our cloud provider partners”. They will continue to update this hardware as better solutions become available, but there is no quick fix in this regard.

JShredz went on to answer the question of why they don’t just build more servers to help with the connection in specific locations. This ties in with the last point, Epic work with Amazon Web Services who provide the infrastructure for games like Fortnite to run on. Whilst they work “very closely” with these cloud partners to help plan for new locations, this is largely out of their hands.

Talking about the performance of the server code itself, JShredz explained that there are both short and long-term improvements in the works, which have unfortunately been delayed by current events, e.g. the Coronavirus.

Interestingly, JShredz added “We are always working to improve the experience while still being able to bring you awesome new additions like the Choppa and some unbelievable thing we’ve got in store in the future”. It’s always exciting to hear that the developers have big plans for the coming seasons.

The overall response to JShredz’ comment has been positive. We knew there would be performance issues with the implementation of the Chaos Physics system, and current events obviously don’t help with anything. Communication like this just helps the Fortnite community to feel a little bit more in the loop, and to understand Epic’s situation.

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