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Europeans order UK tourists to ‘stay away’ from their holiday hotspots – shock poll

The YouGov poll found people in Spain, France, Italy and Germany were more opposed to Britons than visitors from any other European country. Only tourists from China and the United States were perceived as less desirable than British history’s because of the high coronavirus infect rate. Spaniards were the hardest on Britons, with 61 percent of respondents calling for a total ban on them entering the country.

The poll surveyed 1,000 people in each of ten countries after the Government announced travellers from England would be able to visit 59 countries without needing to quarantine on their return home.

But the vast majority of Britons also signalled they were not interested in foreign travel as lockdown restrictions are eased.

Only 21 percent of respondents said they “would be willing to consider’ visiting France and Spain this summer.

Just 18 percent opted for Germany and 17 percent Italy.

British holidaymakers told to ‘stay away’ from Europe as coronavirus pandemic eases (Image: GETTY•WIKICC)

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A majority of Europeans don’t want British visitors this summer, according to the YouGov poll (Image: GETTY)

The study focused on questions about people’s travel habits and the prospect of foreign visitors arriving in their own country.

People from across Europe and the US were “generally opposed to allowing in foreign tourists” because of the risk posed by the spread of coronavirus, it showed.

But the research saw the development of some “noticeable trends when it comes to particular countries”.

“Mainland Europeans want British holidaymakers to stay away,” it said.

As France emerges from lockdown, people are more keen to welcome travellers from the Continent (Image: GETTY)

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Researchers added: “People in France, Italy and Germany are all more likely to oppose British tourists coming for this summer than they are tourists from other European countries.”

Britain has suffered the highest number of coronavirus deaths in Europe, and the third highest in the world after the US and Brazil.

In Spain, between 40 and 54 percent of respondents were opposed to tourists coming into their country from other European nations but the figure jumped up to 61 percent for Britons.

Between 32 and 46 percent of French people didn’t want visitors for other European countries but 55 percent opposed British holidaymakers.

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Sweden didn’t impose a lockdown so its travellers are also unwanted across Europe (Image: GETTY)

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Some 58 percent of Germans and 44 percent of Italians were also opposed to letting visiting Britons into their countries.

They said the pandemic had “clearly made people reluctant to travel abroad”.

“The vast majority of people who might normally consider going on holiday are refusing to do so specifically because of coronavirus,” they added.

Only in Scandinavia did the study throw up different results, with more opposition shown to tourists from Sweden than those from the UK.

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Sweden was one of Europe’s only countries not to impose a significant lockdown to control the spread of coronavirus.

The study said: “While Scandinavians are still reluctant to allow in British tourists, they are more preoccupied by Swedish holidaymakers.

“In Denmark, Norway and Finland, Swedish tourists are the most opposed of all European tourists.”

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